Zven BALSLEV, Born in 1977, is a graphic designer, cartoonist and painter based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a graduate MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. He grew up in Switzerland where he made his debut in the graph’zine STOMACK. He moved to Denmark where he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and edited the graphic art anthology SMITTEKILDE. Zven works with drawing, comics and various graphic techniques such as screen printing, lithography, linocut and collage.

Underground comics, psychedelic horror, primitive art and surreal motifs serve as the first spark of inspiration, where the use of black and white enhances his original graphic pictorial universe. His drawings have appeared on countless posters, flyers and album covers in the Copenhagen underground, and in magazines such as Mollüsk (Bongoût), Hopital Brut (Le Dernier Cri), The Sound Projector and La Commissure among others. His works are represented in several important collections in Denmark, among others in the graphic arts collection of the National Museum.


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